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Straight Leg Raises Exercise – Variation & Their Alternatives

Straight Leg Raises Exercise | My Workout Diet

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The straight leg raises exercise is a killer exercise that really works your core muscles – the abs, obliques, and lower back. But it doesn’t stop there, also working the hip flexors and lower body. This multi-tasking move isn’t just a midsection destroyer, it trains full body control, stability, and balance too. Add the straight leg raise to your routine and you’ll build a rock-solid, functional core that promotes better posture, reduces back injury risk, and boosts athletic performance.

Here’s how to do the straight leg raises exercise

Straight Leg Raises Exercise | My Workout Diet
  • Grab a yoga mat and lie flat on your back with arms at your sides, legs straight out, palms down.
  • Take a big deep breath in, engaging those core muscles by pressing that lower back firmly into the floor.
  • As you exhale, keeping both legs hold together and straight as an arrow, raise them up simultaneously until they form a 30-degree angle with the floor.
  • Hold that position, squeezing that core tight for the desired count.
  • Inhale and with control, lower both legs back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement for your targeted number of reps.

Pro tips for straight leg raises exercise

  • Engage that core and breathe deeply throughout to protect that lower back.
  • Keep those legs held together and avoid arching the lower back for perfect form.
  • Start with fewer rep counts and build up that strength gradually.
  • Make it harder by adding ankle weights or raising your shoulders off the floor.

Straight leg raises muscles worked

The Straight Leg Raise Hold really hits those abs hard, especially the rectus abdominis muscles that run down the front of your stomach. You know, the ones you see popping out when someone has sick six-pack abs. This exercise makes those babies work overtime to lift your spine.

But it’s not just a crazy ab workout. You’re also gonna feel it in your obliques on the sides of your core. Those are the muscles that help you twist and bend from side-to-side. During the leg raise, they have to put in some serious work to keep everything stable and prevent you from rolling around like a tube man at a used car lot.

Don’t forget about your hip flexors either. Those are the muscles on the front of your hips that help you raise your legs up. They’re the real MVPs of this move, busting their butts to hold your legs up in that tough position.

And let’s give some love to the lower back too. Muscles like your erector spinae have to jump in and support your spine to keep your whole body aligned properly. It’s a total team effort with all these muscle groups pitching in to make this exercise such an awesome core strengthener.

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