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Cocoon Exercise – Variation & Their Alternatives

Cocoon Exercise | My Workout Diet

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Cocoon is a good isolating workout for the abs but, at the same time, it is also a full-body stretching exercise that helps to improve your coordination, your flexibility, the relaxation of your muscle tissues and the quality of your breathing. The Cocoon movement looks just like the process of a butterfly coming from its cocoon and helps you to release your body’s tension and improve body-mind connection. 

How to do cocoon exercise, follow these steps:

The Cocoon Exercise | My Workout Diet

 1) You need to lie on the yoga mat or on a quiet place in low and soundless environment with your arms outside (no touching of your head) and your legs strechted out.

 2) Breathe in. On exhale, draw your knees in towards your body with your arms drawing legs from around knees and hugging them for about  30 seconds.

 3.) Rock side to side and go back and forth (side rocking can help to lengthen your spine even more and release tension).

 4.) Breathe into this fetal position, then, imagining yourself as a butterfly just leaving your chrysalis.

 5.) Breathe out, and slowly move your legs and arms back to the starting position, feeling a pleasant stretching and relaxation programmed throughout your whole body.

 6. Repeat this for several rounds, increasing the depth of your movements as you get more comfortable. 

Tips for enhancing your Cocoon exercise experience:

– Breathe deeply and focus on your targeted area (abs).

– Perform this movement slowly and mindfully, and avoid any jerky or forced movements.

– Try with different variations, such as adding gentle twists or leg circles.

– The Cocoon exercise is best practiced in the morning for maximum relaxation.

 – Give yourself permission to fully experience the metaphor of coming out of a chrysalis, stretching your wings, and feeling the freedom and rebirth.

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