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How To Do Band Crunch – Variation & Their Alternatives

Band Crunch | My Workout Diet

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Specifically targeting rectus abdominis and obliques, the band crunch is an efficient abdominal exercise. Resistance bands are used to increase the intensity and challenge of traditional crunches. The core is strengthened as well as stability and posture are improved with this exercise.

This band crunch exercise is performed as follows :

Band Crunch | My Workout Diet
  1. Your knees should be bent and your feet should be flat on the ground when you lie on your back.
  2. The ends of a resistance band should be held in your hands as you wrap the band around your feet.
  3. Straighten out your arms and keep them parallel to the floor.
  4. Keeping your core muscles engaged, slowly lift your upper body off the floor, raising your shoulder blades.
  5. Immediately after you have completed the movement, pause for a moment, then slowly lower your shoulders back down to the ground.
  6. Keep the tension in the band throughout the exercise and repeat the exercise as many times as you like.

The following tips will help you:

  • As you perform the “Band Crunch” exercise, make sure you maintain good form and engage your core.
  • Curl up in a comfortable position and breathe deeply.
  • Fit the resistance band to your fitness level by adjusting its tension.
  • To move the band, use your abdominal muscles instead of pulling with your arms.

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